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wild nights, calm days
January 19, 2009, 2:22 am
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In this modern city, this eclectic, hectic, electric machine of living, breathing, dancing humanity.  A congregation of millions, greets another new, bright day with train rides and lattes.  Each human, who cautiously crosses tramlines, thinks and dreams a whole universe.  We may seem small but in us emotional battles are waged.  The heights of ecstasy and agony, every facial nuance carefully controlled so as not to reveal our very secret selves.  Our very real, authetic selves.  Then why do I stretch and dance and say things that appear like bubbles on my tongue?  Because I am courting the lady Freedom.  I am taking her dancing.  Or she’s taking me.  Calm days of sunshine, which I don’t see because I’m looking at the world not through windows but through Windows TM.  This isn’t the way we glorious beings were meant to be.  OK it’s safe, it’s comfortable, air-conditioned, safety conscious, clean, sterile and all the other things we think we want.  Though it’s not life and we know that.  It’s not an adventure.  It’s not a movie we would willingly pay to watch.  That is why we’re paid.  It’s OK though I think we’re buidling something together.  Something more incredible, more life changing than has ever occured in the history of human evolution.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  The tricks are being exposed.  We are working up our own systems, our own social structures.  With their defining features being, kindness, compassion, love, understanding and laughter.  Systems based on freedom, free things, free thinking, free love.  We are beginning to wake up to the fact that we already have everything we need, spank you very much.  We have it but we’re just not sharing it and that’s just crazy.  Life really isn’t about things.  It’s about the connections we make.  It’s about being known and knowing others and doing so with acceptence.

So the adventures continue and train me for the ultimate adventure.  The day when the sky splits in two and we step up to greet the universe, all sparkling and magnificent and to end we’ll realise the meaning of Shakespeare’s words with a new twist.

“There’s nothing either good or bad.  Only fun and boring.”


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Beautiful and inspiring!
Thank you

Comment by Lydie

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