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The meaning of tension and the tension of meaning
January 29, 2009, 12:25 am
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The world and all of us wonderful little humans are in a state of tension.  Tension is not necessarily bad.  Tension as defined by Victor Frankl is necessary for a life meaning.  That we require tension between what are and have been and what we wish to be.  There are tensions between our need to connect with others and to be alone and find our unique heart and mind.  To merge with our lovers or explore our interior mansions.  The push and pull of the universe.  Gravity drawing planets and moons towards each other before pushing them away.  Love me they cry, but not too much, you’re getting too close, I need space!  Silly moons, we humans would never behave in such contradictory ways now would we?
It’s OK though, it’s OK to want to be alone to want to be an individual in the hive of society.  To stand apart together.  I think it’s the only way we can have peace and freedom.  Everything else is just logistics.  You can call it revolution, you can call it evolution.  Whatever it is it’s happening and it’s happening everywhere.  Go to New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, Le Paz, Middlesbrough and there are people waking up and waking up others.  People standing up and being themselves and encouraging others to do the same.

Meanwhile our suited up kings tell us of recession, economic collapses, war, environmental destruction, famines and plagues.  I thought they were civil servants but they seem neither to act as servants nor be very civil.  Still they’ve got their cronies who they bail out to the tune of billions.  It’s a daylight smash and grab dear citizen.  You’re being robbed blind before your eyes and you just shake your head and wonder how you’re gonna make the rent.  No matter your house will be sold soon enough and then it’s just you and your community that you kind of neglected to chase the illusory dollar.

It doesn’t matter we’ll get our lessons.  We’ll work it out.  We’ve got enough power, intelligence and love to transform this shopping mall of a world into a garden of abundance and beauty.  It’s coming, can’t you feel it?  Dissent is carried on hot summer winds.  Practical anarchy is being delivered to any requesting home.  People are connecting, re-connecting, sharing and laughing and life is good.  Yes, life is not just good, it is astounding, it is filled with such magnificence, such extravagant beauty and fun that you could not imagine from your office chair or armchair or car-seat.  The stars at night are beyond our imaginations.  The ocean is deeper than our feelings and can consume all our sadness.  The sun is a triumphant trumpet sounding out our glories and guiding us through another day of living and another day of loving.
So dear people, caught in dynamic tension, waiting for something to crash.  Don’t wait, take your shoes off, leave work early, leave work altogether and get yourself to the beach so you can listen to the ocean tell you its’ stories.  While the waves kiss you young.


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