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beneath the tree the folks did play
February 1, 2009, 2:54 pm
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A day can start in the most obvious way.  Awake, shower, brush teeth, dress.  Straightforward, but this is not an ordinary day because when you realise that there are other people in the world who would like to interact, connect, laugh, eat, drink, be merry before we shrug off these fine vehicles of blood and skin and bone.  Before that day comes, hopefully after a long and fulfilling existence.  Before that take a tram across the city to meet friends old and not so old.  Hunt through the heat, carrying wine and cheese.  You hear their laughter, you spy the balloons hung like strange fruits on a bush and you move around the corner where they’re gathered beneath a majestic oak.  While the Yarra river flows on serenely nearby.

It was just a day to develop friendships, to make jokes, to spontaneously jog with a German Fidel Castro, using a hat as a baton.  It was a celebration of dual births, a celebration of life, a meeting and melting of minds and cultures.  Spanish, German, French, American, English, Australian, Canadian.  To  see us all sitting cross legged on bright sheets, surrounded with good food and engaging in the novel concept of sharing, when our ancestors had once warred.  Killing, invading, destroying just because of differences.  Though aren’t differences what make it worth speaking with another?  To find similarities, of course, though really to find out what another might teach us in this school of living.

The river flowed on, I think it enjoyed the human voices, dripping down its banks.  I think it drank our stories and carried them towards the ocean, where all things return.

We packed up, shared cars and we joined a peaceful, cross legged multitude as they sat in the centre of this astounding city.  Watching tennis, while alien architecture and the sweet city lights surrounded us.  More blankets, more wine, more food, more laughter than even this hedonist could comprehend.  We friends, we humans and despite what our news tells us we are doing very well, we are loving very well.  Is this not enough?  Do we need to do more than peacefully gather and share our experience of this grand experience?  Of this unfolding cosmos?  I think not.  I think the trees yearn for us to sit beneath them and the ocean wishes to soothe our world weary hearts and the grass longs to caress our aching muscles and the light, oh the light its purpose, is only to illuminate, animate and activate our souls.

The question is when will we let it?


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