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if you can remain still and loving in the middle of maddness and change
February 6, 2009, 12:12 am
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Here we come, we are freaks, we are unique.  Our future is calling in high notes and fine riffs.  It is shouting at us to come and play.  It is organising parties in expectation of our arrival.  It is clearing the runway in anticipation of the crowds who cluster at the end of history. Not the world, that will remain and man and woman and dog and donkey will remain, though history is about to be forgotten or seen or realised or whatever.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what your nationality, sex, gender, colour or cadence is, only that you are human and seek greater happiness, more fun than you can shake a fucking stick at.  The future is now brothers and sisters, it is etched into the night sky by psychadelic lasers.  It is beaten into the ground by billions of dancing feet.  We blog and post our personal perceptions of this insanely complex, beautiful planet with trillions of life forms interacting, intersecting and interconnecting.  We are sharing our personal dream.

One planet, one mind and meanwhile I anticpate adventures in the wilderness.  Out in the dessert, as I go walkabout and see what it’s all about.  One man, one pair of legs, one bag, one train ticket, one dream.  To step out of the world and into the dreamtime.  I hope it’s waiting for me, I hope I’m ready to step through and meet the Rainbow Serpent.  I hope it’s not venomous or vicious.  There’s quite enough of that serpetine activity in this vast, red, scorched land.  There are also rainforests, and hidden beaches waiting for a contemplative to dream a day away on. 

Indeed I am readying and steadying myself to leave this metropolis, to say au revoir/hast luego to new friends, who feel like old friends.  Already having partied enough for a lifetime.  Reconnected to my passion for parties and knowing they’ll always be there waiting for me to don a ridiculous constume or drink myself dancing.  Think myself drunk.  Smoke my way to nirvanna.  Breathe my way to liberation and what is waiting out there in the world beyond the screen?  Beyond the TV and computer screen and windscreen and sunscreen?  What lies out there in the wilderness?  Well I guess it will just be nature sitting patiently doing its thing while we rush around making a mess and creating something awesome.  One interconnected world ready to help and share and point us in the right direction and party and love and all the other stuff we would never want to do without but still seems to take a backseat in this modern, electronic, machine we find ourselves in.

I invite you all out into the world beyond concrete, beyond pavements and paths and roads laid out before to fill certain functions because it is not our cage.  We are not mice in a maze ready to run the gaunlet for a paltry piece of cheddar.  I want the whole wheel of cheese.  I want the fromage moon to shine down on my head and wash away work, wash away duty, rinse responsibility down the drain.  Come on get your arse outside; beach, forest, dessert, jungle, field, farm.  Listen to what’s going on.  You’ll return to the city.  You’ll need to charge your iPod before returning to the field to listen to The Beatles and grin at the sky.


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