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Straying towards the light
February 23, 2009, 5:49 pm
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In these modern times, with so many channels, so much info and fantastic all round, good humiliating entertainment and devastating news it is an even better time to step out into the world, to share and communicate and change the way you see the world. Change the way you see others and most importantly the way you see yourself, you are after all such a complex thing, with thoughts and memories and feelings and such like and beliefs. Just a big old bundle of beliefs, but beliefs can and do change and so can yours on this day. This day when the sun rose and set again and so many of you missed it. I missed it, unforgivable. Then there’s stars and oceans and smiling faces and voices and laughter. I think I would like more laughter in life, everyone seems so serious all the time and I pull my face taught to join in but of course oftentimes I just want jump and scream and shout. Wake up you sleepy heads, walking routes, running routines, all your waking days. You are more than this, life is more than this, it’s more than patterns and “they’re my beliefs and I’m gonna stick with em no matter what.”

You might think I’m blowing smoke, selling old rope, but I’m not. Got no rope and yes I am blowing smoke but that’s for creative inspiration. The arouser of thought switches on receptor sites. Why do I know that the world can be more enjoyable and you can deal with all those “things” that happened long ago? That you can experience a joy in life which defeats all external consequences? It’s not rapturous ecstasy, it’s not a long term drug high. It’s accepting in the words of a little kid from the Shetland Islands “It’s just like this, only a wee bit higher.” I think he was talking about heaven, then again he did live on the Shetland Islands which are beautiful. Still his point I think might be seen as this world is good enough, we just to have appreciate it.

I know that you can change your beliefs and change your life. That’s personal mind, subjective, totally my experience. Not external truth dogma or catma for that matter. I know because I have witnessed my dark passanger, as we all possess and battle in the silence of our hearts. Talked him down, outsmarted him, shushed his raging voice, stepped out to meet life and keep meeting it and the past is left or transmuted. I know because we can forgive almost anything if we realise it’s not about excusing but about letting go and living.

So how do you get higher, a wee bit higher? Just plumb your depths, sink your bucket to the bottom of the well. That’s where the water sits. That’s where crystals form in winter. Where crystals become jewels of mind and body and soul. Breathe, very important, breathe. Pay attention, there’s always something going on. Talk, listen, stay as calm as possible, then get drunk because you don’t wanna stay calm anymore. All good, do what you want, what makes you soar, what makes you roar? Ask these things. Wait for the answer, reject the first fifty. Oh and start living now, finite time, remember. You will more than likely not do that bungee jump in your seventies. Remember where you came from, remember where you’re going, enjoy exactly where you are now.

Listen to music and make love. It’s not hard.


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