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Who am I and other questions?
March 28, 2012, 4:37 am
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We are all one organism reflecting on itself. We are all born of nature even if we don’t feel natural at all. We are all interconnected with the fabric of life through the food we eat and air we breathe and the sun we rejoice in and the children we raise and the battles we fight. We are all transmuting the other all the time, hopefully we are aiming to change the other in the best that they want to be so that they may do the same for you in return. To encourage and never discourage, to raise up rather than tie down to celebrate the other as ourselves, to celebrate ourselves as readily as we celebrate the other.

You see I know I am this one being walking around this world and loving it most heartily, tasting every moment, noticing that there are no ordinary moments and that the Universe is vast and mysterious. I know I am only one but we are all human and we all share fears and frailties and friendliness that betrays our distrust of the other. I know that I am only one but we are more similar than you might realise, despite that we look a little different, or sound a little different or think a little different.

You see I am only one of me, but there are billions of me’s on this planet of ours and we all want the same things, at least 99% of us do anyway, we want growth, happiness, peace, love, adventure, fun, laughter, lots of laughter, to do what we love and love what we do. If I am wrong about those things then tell me otherwise, but I’ll ignore you because you don’t get what I’m saying at all. If you don’t want those things for yourself or another then you want their opposites, that is constriction, misery, hate, boredom, more boredom, tears, lots of tears. If you want those things for yourself and everyone else then I want nothing to do with you, oh you’re entitled to your opinion but I think we should just go our own way.

If on the other hand you are like me at least in some regard, then send me a message, send me a song, send me nothing more than your begrudging acknowledgement that you want those things and you haven’t got all of them as yet. Then ask yourself why not? Perhaps it’s because we all fail to answer the most important question there is “Who am I?” Go ahead, ask yourself and keep asking it until you get an answer that doesn’t move around, or that makes some kind of sense. Keep asking it till you go mad and maybe then you can become sane and get all of those things no matter what the world throws at you.


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