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Straying towards the light
February 23, 2009, 5:49 pm
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In these modern times, with so many channels, so much info and fantastic all round, good humiliating entertainment and devastating news it is an even better time to step out into the world, to share and communicate and change the way you see the world. Change the way you see others and most importantly the way you see yourself, you are after all such a complex thing, with thoughts and memories and feelings and such like and beliefs. Just a big old bundle of beliefs, but beliefs can and do change and so can yours on this day. This day when the sun rose and set again and so many of you missed it. I missed it, unforgivable. Then there’s stars and oceans and smiling faces and voices and laughter. I think I would like more laughter in life, everyone seems so serious all the time and I pull my face taught to join in but of course oftentimes I just want jump and scream and shout. Wake up you sleepy heads, walking routes, running routines, all your waking days. You are more than this, life is more than this, it’s more than patterns and “they’re my beliefs and I’m gonna stick with em no matter what.”

You might think I’m blowing smoke, selling old rope, but I’m not. Got no rope and yes I am blowing smoke but that’s for creative inspiration. The arouser of thought switches on receptor sites. Why do I know that the world can be more enjoyable and you can deal with all those “things” that happened long ago? That you can experience a joy in life which defeats all external consequences? It’s not rapturous ecstasy, it’s not a long term drug high. It’s accepting in the words of a little kid from the Shetland Islands “It’s just like this, only a wee bit higher.” I think he was talking about heaven, then again he did live on the Shetland Islands which are beautiful. Still his point I think might be seen as this world is good enough, we just to have appreciate it.

I know that you can change your beliefs and change your life. That’s personal mind, subjective, totally my experience. Not external truth dogma or catma for that matter. I know because I have witnessed my dark passanger, as we all possess and battle in the silence of our hearts. Talked him down, outsmarted him, shushed his raging voice, stepped out to meet life and keep meeting it and the past is left or transmuted. I know because we can forgive almost anything if we realise it’s not about excusing but about letting go and living.

So how do you get higher, a wee bit higher? Just plumb your depths, sink your bucket to the bottom of the well. That’s where the water sits. That’s where crystals form in winter. Where crystals become jewels of mind and body and soul. Breathe, very important, breathe. Pay attention, there’s always something going on. Talk, listen, stay as calm as possible, then get drunk because you don’t wanna stay calm anymore. All good, do what you want, what makes you soar, what makes you roar? Ask these things. Wait for the answer, reject the first fifty. Oh and start living now, finite time, remember. You will more than likely not do that bungee jump in your seventies. Remember where you came from, remember where you’re going, enjoy exactly where you are now.

Listen to music and make love. It’s not hard.


if you can remain still and loving in the middle of maddness and change
February 6, 2009, 12:12 am
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Here we come, we are freaks, we are unique.  Our future is calling in high notes and fine riffs.  It is shouting at us to come and play.  It is organising parties in expectation of our arrival.  It is clearing the runway in anticipation of the crowds who cluster at the end of history. Not the world, that will remain and man and woman and dog and donkey will remain, though history is about to be forgotten or seen or realised or whatever.

It doesn’t matter where you are or what your nationality, sex, gender, colour or cadence is, only that you are human and seek greater happiness, more fun than you can shake a fucking stick at.  The future is now brothers and sisters, it is etched into the night sky by psychadelic lasers.  It is beaten into the ground by billions of dancing feet.  We blog and post our personal perceptions of this insanely complex, beautiful planet with trillions of life forms interacting, intersecting and interconnecting.  We are sharing our personal dream.

One planet, one mind and meanwhile I anticpate adventures in the wilderness.  Out in the dessert, as I go walkabout and see what it’s all about.  One man, one pair of legs, one bag, one train ticket, one dream.  To step out of the world and into the dreamtime.  I hope it’s waiting for me, I hope I’m ready to step through and meet the Rainbow Serpent.  I hope it’s not venomous or vicious.  There’s quite enough of that serpetine activity in this vast, red, scorched land.  There are also rainforests, and hidden beaches waiting for a contemplative to dream a day away on. 

Indeed I am readying and steadying myself to leave this metropolis, to say au revoir/hast luego to new friends, who feel like old friends.  Already having partied enough for a lifetime.  Reconnected to my passion for parties and knowing they’ll always be there waiting for me to don a ridiculous constume or drink myself dancing.  Think myself drunk.  Smoke my way to nirvanna.  Breathe my way to liberation and what is waiting out there in the world beyond the screen?  Beyond the TV and computer screen and windscreen and sunscreen?  What lies out there in the wilderness?  Well I guess it will just be nature sitting patiently doing its thing while we rush around making a mess and creating something awesome.  One interconnected world ready to help and share and point us in the right direction and party and love and all the other stuff we would never want to do without but still seems to take a backseat in this modern, electronic, machine we find ourselves in.

I invite you all out into the world beyond concrete, beyond pavements and paths and roads laid out before to fill certain functions because it is not our cage.  We are not mice in a maze ready to run the gaunlet for a paltry piece of cheddar.  I want the whole wheel of cheese.  I want the fromage moon to shine down on my head and wash away work, wash away duty, rinse responsibility down the drain.  Come on get your arse outside; beach, forest, dessert, jungle, field, farm.  Listen to what’s going on.  You’ll return to the city.  You’ll need to charge your iPod before returning to the field to listen to The Beatles and grin at the sky.

beneath the tree the folks did play
February 1, 2009, 2:54 pm
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A day can start in the most obvious way.  Awake, shower, brush teeth, dress.  Straightforward, but this is not an ordinary day because when you realise that there are other people in the world who would like to interact, connect, laugh, eat, drink, be merry before we shrug off these fine vehicles of blood and skin and bone.  Before that day comes, hopefully after a long and fulfilling existence.  Before that take a tram across the city to meet friends old and not so old.  Hunt through the heat, carrying wine and cheese.  You hear their laughter, you spy the balloons hung like strange fruits on a bush and you move around the corner where they’re gathered beneath a majestic oak.  While the Yarra river flows on serenely nearby.

It was just a day to develop friendships, to make jokes, to spontaneously jog with a German Fidel Castro, using a hat as a baton.  It was a celebration of dual births, a celebration of life, a meeting and melting of minds and cultures.  Spanish, German, French, American, English, Australian, Canadian.  To  see us all sitting cross legged on bright sheets, surrounded with good food and engaging in the novel concept of sharing, when our ancestors had once warred.  Killing, invading, destroying just because of differences.  Though aren’t differences what make it worth speaking with another?  To find similarities, of course, though really to find out what another might teach us in this school of living.

The river flowed on, I think it enjoyed the human voices, dripping down its banks.  I think it drank our stories and carried them towards the ocean, where all things return.

We packed up, shared cars and we joined a peaceful, cross legged multitude as they sat in the centre of this astounding city.  Watching tennis, while alien architecture and the sweet city lights surrounded us.  More blankets, more wine, more food, more laughter than even this hedonist could comprehend.  We friends, we humans and despite what our news tells us we are doing very well, we are loving very well.  Is this not enough?  Do we need to do more than peacefully gather and share our experience of this grand experience?  Of this unfolding cosmos?  I think not.  I think the trees yearn for us to sit beneath them and the ocean wishes to soothe our world weary hearts and the grass longs to caress our aching muscles and the light, oh the light its purpose, is only to illuminate, animate and activate our souls.

The question is when will we let it?

The meaning of tension and the tension of meaning
January 29, 2009, 12:25 am
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The world and all of us wonderful little humans are in a state of tension.  Tension is not necessarily bad.  Tension as defined by Victor Frankl is necessary for a life meaning.  That we require tension between what are and have been and what we wish to be.  There are tensions between our need to connect with others and to be alone and find our unique heart and mind.  To merge with our lovers or explore our interior mansions.  The push and pull of the universe.  Gravity drawing planets and moons towards each other before pushing them away.  Love me they cry, but not too much, you’re getting too close, I need space!  Silly moons, we humans would never behave in such contradictory ways now would we?
It’s OK though, it’s OK to want to be alone to want to be an individual in the hive of society.  To stand apart together.  I think it’s the only way we can have peace and freedom.  Everything else is just logistics.  You can call it revolution, you can call it evolution.  Whatever it is it’s happening and it’s happening everywhere.  Go to New York, Sydney, Amsterdam, Le Paz, Middlesbrough and there are people waking up and waking up others.  People standing up and being themselves and encouraging others to do the same.

Meanwhile our suited up kings tell us of recession, economic collapses, war, environmental destruction, famines and plagues.  I thought they were civil servants but they seem neither to act as servants nor be very civil.  Still they’ve got their cronies who they bail out to the tune of billions.  It’s a daylight smash and grab dear citizen.  You’re being robbed blind before your eyes and you just shake your head and wonder how you’re gonna make the rent.  No matter your house will be sold soon enough and then it’s just you and your community that you kind of neglected to chase the illusory dollar.

It doesn’t matter we’ll get our lessons.  We’ll work it out.  We’ve got enough power, intelligence and love to transform this shopping mall of a world into a garden of abundance and beauty.  It’s coming, can’t you feel it?  Dissent is carried on hot summer winds.  Practical anarchy is being delivered to any requesting home.  People are connecting, re-connecting, sharing and laughing and life is good.  Yes, life is not just good, it is astounding, it is filled with such magnificence, such extravagant beauty and fun that you could not imagine from your office chair or armchair or car-seat.  The stars at night are beyond our imaginations.  The ocean is deeper than our feelings and can consume all our sadness.  The sun is a triumphant trumpet sounding out our glories and guiding us through another day of living and another day of loving.
So dear people, caught in dynamic tension, waiting for something to crash.  Don’t wait, take your shoes off, leave work early, leave work altogether and get yourself to the beach so you can listen to the ocean tell you its’ stories.  While the waves kiss you young.

wild nights, calm days
January 19, 2009, 2:22 am
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In this modern city, this eclectic, hectic, electric machine of living, breathing, dancing humanity.  A congregation of millions, greets another new, bright day with train rides and lattes.  Each human, who cautiously crosses tramlines, thinks and dreams a whole universe.  We may seem small but in us emotional battles are waged.  The heights of ecstasy and agony, every facial nuance carefully controlled so as not to reveal our very secret selves.  Our very real, authetic selves.  Then why do I stretch and dance and say things that appear like bubbles on my tongue?  Because I am courting the lady Freedom.  I am taking her dancing.  Or she’s taking me.  Calm days of sunshine, which I don’t see because I’m looking at the world not through windows but through Windows TM.  This isn’t the way we glorious beings were meant to be.  OK it’s safe, it’s comfortable, air-conditioned, safety conscious, clean, sterile and all the other things we think we want.  Though it’s not life and we know that.  It’s not an adventure.  It’s not a movie we would willingly pay to watch.  That is why we’re paid.  It’s OK though I think we’re buidling something together.  Something more incredible, more life changing than has ever occured in the history of human evolution.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.  The tricks are being exposed.  We are working up our own systems, our own social structures.  With their defining features being, kindness, compassion, love, understanding and laughter.  Systems based on freedom, free things, free thinking, free love.  We are beginning to wake up to the fact that we already have everything we need, spank you very much.  We have it but we’re just not sharing it and that’s just crazy.  Life really isn’t about things.  It’s about the connections we make.  It’s about being known and knowing others and doing so with acceptence.

So the adventures continue and train me for the ultimate adventure.  The day when the sky splits in two and we step up to greet the universe, all sparkling and magnificent and to end we’ll realise the meaning of Shakespeare’s words with a new twist.

“There’s nothing either good or bad.  Only fun and boring.”

The first words break through, like buds in spring
January 15, 2009, 6:18 am
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It’s not a poem.  It’s not a story.  It’s not novel, nor script, nor quote.  You can’t distract yourself with it on the train.  You can’t bury your nose in it, in a cafe.  This place here is about words.  The power and beauty of them.  Though what I really want to talk about, what I really want to communicate isn’t words themselves.  Words are the vehicle.  To carry awakening to the centre of your soul.  Once they arrive there, the words can be forgotten like a disused car at the edge of a town.  While you walk, whistling into the wilderness.

Hello world!
September 2, 2008, 1:36 pm
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